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Testing an other title card that could be used as the intro to a video or as a transition between scenes. A full breakdown of the scene elements can be seen by clicking "view additional project information" under the video section of the portfolio.


This is my 2nd animation I've created in After Effects. The 'video editing' text has its position keyframed with a box blur as the layer slides in to a masked area in order to give the illusion that it's generated by the animated line that forms the box encircling "James Blanton". A box blur has been applied to this layer to create a greater sense of movement. The text layer with my name has a range selector animator applied in order to create the effect of the text animating in from left to right with each letter growing from small to full size. A 4 color gradient was applied at the end of the animation. A spot light has been animated over top of the scene to create shadows behind the text and to create movement in the background gradient. Finally, a stationary ambient light as applied to the scene in order to balance out the coloration of both the text and the background.

Creation Date: 4/9/2019

Rendered with MainConcept h.264
High profile, level 5.1
VBR (variable bit rate) 1 pass
target bitrate 300 Mbps
maximum bitrate 300 Mbps